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Index for surnames beginning with u (Pedigree Pages)

For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.


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Uchtred, Dolfin Fitz
Ufford, Edmund
Ufford, Ella
Ulick, John Knatchbull (b. --Not Shown--)
Ullens, Astrid (b. --Not Shown--)
Ullens, Charles de Schooten (b. --Not Shown--)
Ullens, Jean Charles (b. --Not Shown--)
Ullens, Marie Christine (b. --Not Shown--)
Ullens, Sophie (b. --Not Shown--)
Ullery, Elizabeth (b. 1723 - d. 1803)
Ullery, Samuel (b. 1716)
Ullery, Stephen (b. 1680)
Ullery\Ulrich, Stephen (b. ABT 1722 - d. 1784)
Ulm, Anna Belle
Ulm, C.E. "Pete"
Ulm, Daniel
Ulm, Ray
Ulmer, Edith (b. ABT 1893)
Ulmer, Elizabeth (b. ABT 1887)
Ulmer, Emma (b. ABT 1907)
Ulmer, Frank (b. ABT 1866)
Ulmer, Leslie (b. ABT 1891)
Ulmer, M Clyde (b. ABT 1883)
Ulmer, Margaret (b. ABT 1895)
Ulmer, Marilyn (b. --Not Shown--)
Ulmer, Mildred (b. ABT 1887)
Ulmer, Robert (b. ABT 1905)
Ulmer, Rose (b. ABT 1889)
Ulrich, Christiana (b. 1753)
Ulrich, Christina
Ulrich, Daniel
Ulrich, Daniel
Ulrich, Elizabeth (b. ABT 1752 - d. SEP 1834)
Ulrich, Elizabeth
Ulrich, Evelyn (b. ABT 1902)
Ulrich, Francis (b. ABT 1904)
Ulrich, Hana
Ulrich, Johannes
Ulrich, Kathrina
Ulrich, Maria
Ulrich, R W (b. ABT 1880)
Ulrich, Sophia (b. 1 JUL 1848)
Ulrich, Susanna (b. ABT 1755 - d. AFT 1800)
Umfreville, (Mrs.) Nest (b. ABT 1126)
Uncles, James (b. 5 AUG 1794 - d. 25 JAN 1835)
Uncles, Martha (b. 7 JAN 1824 - d. 9 JUL 1912)
Underwood, Linda Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Ungle, Ellen (b. 1514 - d. 1596)
Unkown, Myrtle (b. --Not Shown--)
Unwin, Robert (b. ABT 1699)
Upchurch, A. Vindy (b. NOV 1891)
Upchurch, Aaron Alton (b. 6 DEC 1912 - d. 4 OCT 1948)
Upchurch, Abel (b. 12 JUL 1837 - d. 14 MAY 1839)
Upchurch, Allen Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Allie Mae (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Alvin Judd (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Alvin Judd Jr. (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Alvin V. (b. JUL 1893)
Upchurch, Amber Nichole (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Angie Kay (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Anna (b. ABT 1875)
Upchurch, Anna Mae (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Annie Bell (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Barbara
Upchurch, Bernice (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Bertha Ann
Upchurch, Billy Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Brendia Gail (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, C. Belle (b. ABT 1875)
Upchurch, Calton Eugene (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Calton Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Carla Dean (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Carmen C. (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Charles B. (b. ABT 1835)
Upchurch, Charles Curtis (b. 30 MAR 1920 - d. 3 DEC 1985)
Upchurch, Charles Gene (b. 2 DEC 1947 - d. 3 MAR 1976)
Upchurch, Charles Glennis (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Clemmie
Upchurch, Deanie (b. ABT 1887 - d. BEF 1900)
Upchurch, Deborah (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Debra Gail (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Dex
Upchurch, Douglas
Upchurch, Drucilla (b. DEC 1895)
Upchurch, Earline
Upchurch, Ed (b. FEB 1899)
Upchurch, Elizabeth (b. 11 JUL 1839 - d. 17 JUL 1841)
Upchurch, Elmer Atley (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Elmer Wayne (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Eric Carlyles (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Etolia (b. MAR 1893)
Upchurch, Evie Lee (b. 1907)
Upchurch, Fannie Fay (b. 14 OCT 1918 - d. 27 JAN 1919)
Upchurch, Flossie (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Frances
Upchurch, Francis H. (b. ABT 1846)
Upchurch, Gail (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Glenn Benoit (b. 3 DEC 1932 - d. 21 JUL 1971)
Upchurch, Glenn Benoit Jr. (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Gloria Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Hassell Maxwell (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Hassell Maxwell Jr.
Upchurch, Henrietta
Upchurch, Henry Louis (b. 17 MAR 1886 - d. 13 JUL)
Upchurch, Herman Franklin (b. 17 JUL 1909 - d. 8 DEC 1973)
Upchurch, Horace Clifton (b. 3 FEB 1910 - d. JUN 1985)
Upchurch, Horace Eugene
Upchurch, J. Mack (b. MAR 1867)
Upchurch, James
Upchurch, James Aaron (b. 13 MAR 1903 - d. 6 DEC 1970)
Upchurch, James Darrell (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, James Doris (b. 28 AUG 1913 - d. 18 JUL 1962)
Upchurch, James E. (b. 1936 - d. AUG 1981)
Upchurch, James Edward (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, James Edward Jr. (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, James Franklin (b. 26 AUG 1930 - d. 17 DEC 1954)
Upchurch, James Laton (b. 29 NOV 1849 - d. 24 NOV 1852)
Upchurch, James Wade (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Janice (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Jeffrey Wayne (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Jeremiah Wayne (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Jerry Lamar (b. 26 DEC 1946 - d. 26 FEB 1978)
Upchurch, Jewel Celcelia
Upchurch, Jimmy (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, John (b. SEP 1891)
Upchurch, John C. (b. JUL 1863)
Upchurch, John C. (b. ABT 1833 - d. ABT 1877)
Upchurch, John Charles (b. 3 FEB 1922 - d. 4 OCT 1988)
Upchurch, John Franklin
Upchurch, John Henry (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Joseph (b. 3 OCT 1843 - d. 9 DEC 1845)
Upchurch, Joyce
Upchurch, Joyce Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Karen Rena (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Kathryn Marie (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Kenneth Eugene (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Kimberly
Upchurch, Laton (b. DEC 1860 - d. AFT 1900)
Upchurch, Laton (b. 13 APR 1807 - d. 24 MAR 1860)
Upchurch, Laton Celious (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Laton Franklin (b. 25 SEP 1882 - d. 6 JAN 1943)
Upchurch, Lee Aaron (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Leila V. (b. SEP 1891)
Upchurch, Lila Jo (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Linda Faye (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Lou Aliene (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Louella (b. JAN 1897)
Upchurch, Louvina (b. DEC 1898)
Upchurch, Margaret Sue (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Marilyn
Upchurch, Mary (b. ABT 1873)
Upchurch, Mary Ann (b. ABT 1831)
Upchurch, Mary Clark (b. FEB 1876 - d. SEP 1947)
Upchurch, Mary Ethel (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Mary J. (b. JUN 1894)
Upchurch, Maurine
Upchurch, Mavis
Upchurch, Mayfred (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Melanie Claire (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Melinda Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Michele
Upchurch, Nancy Serena (b. 14 APR 1874 - d. 14 JUL 1944)
Upchurch, Opal Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Queen Elizabeth (b. 2 JUL 1888 - d. 19 DEC 1980)
Upchurch, Rebecca Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Robert J. (b. ABT 1841)
Upchurch, Robert Taylor
Upchurch, Samuel Hampton Fant (b. 1 MAY 1891 - d. 21 JAN 1944)
Upchurch, Samuel Pirese (b. 16 AUG 1852 - d. 23 SEP 1922)
Upchurch, Samuel Taylor (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Shelby Dean (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Steve
Upchurch, Terry Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Terry Lee Jr. (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Thomas C. (b. ABT 1871)
Upchurch, Thomas Jerrell (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Thomas T. (b. APR 1886)
Upchurch, Tina (b. ABT 1871)
Upchurch, Uleious A. (b. MAR 1877 - d. AFT 1900)
Upchurch, Vernon Wayne (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Virgie (b. JAN 1891)
Upchurch, Virginia Marie (b. 22 NOV 1906 - d. 12 AUG 1976)
Upchurch, Wade Hampton (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Wanda Diane (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Warren Bruce (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, Wendy Erin (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, William A. (b. 23 JUN 1845 - d. 3 JUN 1893)
Upchurch, William Benjamin (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, William Curtis (b. --Not Shown--)
Upchurch, William Dennis (b. SEP 1869)
Upchurch, William Floyd (b. 16 MAY 1893 - d. 26 OCT 1964)
Upchurch, William H. (b. JUL 1887)
Upchurch, William Oakley
Upchurch, William Pearl
Upham, Abigail Ruth (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, Annie Ruth (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, Bryce Richard (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, Janet Kay (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, John Richard (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, Katherine Esther (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, Kent Douglas (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, Rebecca Anne (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, Richard Edwin (b. PRIVATE)
Upham, Richard Walter (b. PRIVATE)
Uplands, Ivar of the
Upshaw, Marie Eunice (b. --Not Shown--)
Upson, Hannah (b. 1646 - d. 20 JUL 1707)
Upton, Lena Mayselle
Upton, Oscar
Urban, Joseph (b. --Not Shown--)
Urban, Joseph John
Urban, Karena (b. --Not Shown--)
Urbanek, Claudia (b. --Not Shown--)
Urchada, Be Bind Ingen
Urgell, Sunifred I of (d. 848)
Urie, Maxine (b. --Not Shown--)
Ursery, Nancy (d. ABT 1840)
Utley, Arlie (b. --Not Shown--)
Utley, John D.
Utley, Martha Louise (b. --Not Shown--)
Uxar, Hannah (b. 1604 - d. 14 MAY 1672)

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