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Index for surnames beginning with y (Family Pages)

For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.


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Yaeger, Steven
Yager, Joseph Leon (b. PRIVATE)
Yager, Joyce (b. PRIVATE)
Yaggy, " Coon"
Yakes, Vera Catherine (b. 23 JUN 1903 - d. 23 JAN 1987)
Yakey, Laura Angeline
Yakey, Peter
Yalalay, Marie Cordellia (b. 15 APR 1835)
Yale, Lyman B.
Yancey, David
Yancey, Elizabeth
Yancey, Jechonias
Yancey, Jeremiah (b. ABT 1748 - d. ABT 1788)
Yancey, Sarah Armanda (b. ABT 1819)
Yanish, Cole (b. PRIVATE)
Yanish, Edward (b. 21 OCT 1947 - d. MAR 1986)
Yanish, Jason (b. PRIVATE)
Yanke, Augusta (b. WFT Est. 1814-1838 - d. WFT Est. 1862-1927)
Yarger, Irene
Yarnall, Martha Rebecca
Yates, Bonnie Louise (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Boy? (b. 2 OCT 1921 - d. 2 OCT 1921)
Yates, Brenda Jo (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Carla Lynn (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Charles M.
Yates, Elizabeth (b. 27 FEB 1767 - d. 24 NOV 1829)
Yates, George
Yates, George
Yates, George Wendell (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, James G.
Yates, James Richard (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, James Wesley (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Joseph Howard (b. 2 FEB 1899 - d. 30 NOV 1970)
Yates, Joyce Renae (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Kendra (b. PRIVATE)
Yates, Linda Sue (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Lura Louise (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Margaret E. (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, May
Yates, Michael Edward (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Nellie Ruth (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Paul Richard (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Randall Allan (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Robert (b. PRIVATE)
Yates, Ruth I.
Yates, Sallie A. (b. ABT 1855 - d. WFT Est. 1883-1949)
Yates, Tracy Eugene (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, Wilbur James (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, William A. (b. 23 SEP 1881 - d. 9 OCT 1967)
Yates, William Harry Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, William Harry Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, William Joseph (b. --Not Shown--)
Yates, William Raymond (b. --Not Shown--)
Yeager, Bertha (b. PRIVATE)
Yeager, Emma (b. PRIVATE)
Yeager, Frank (b. WFT Est. 1850-1887 - d. WFT Est. 1896-1967)
Yeager, Joseph (b. WFT Est. 1850-1887 - d. WFT Est. 1896-1967)
Yeager, Mary (b. WFT Est. 1858-1890 - d. WFT Est. 1896-1973)
Yeargin, Beverly Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Yeargin, John P.
Yeargin, Joyce Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Yeargin, Kathy Lynn (b. --Not Shown--)
Yeargin, Richard Leon (b. --Not Shown--)
Yeargin, Richard Leon (b. --Not Shown--)
Yearley, Amanda Kristine
Yearley, Brent Edward William
Yearley, Chantel Rachel
Yearley, Harry
Yearley, Randy William Gordon
Yearley, Shawn Randy
Yearley, William
Yelle, Marie
Yen, Yu Yue (b. --Not Shown--)
Yeomans, Agnes
Yeomans, Lucien Theron
Yergeau, Géraldine (b. --Not Shown--)
Yergeau, Henri
Yin, Phung
Yoakam, Jennie (b. 6 JUL 1872 - d. WFT Est. 1902-1966)
Yockey, Arthur
Yoder, Carol Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Yoder, Cheryl Patrice (b. --Not Shown--)
Yoder, Gerald Wayne (b. --Not Shown--)
Yoder, James
Yoe, Kate
Yokum, Vivian
Yokus, Pauline
Yon, Alfred
Yon, Délima (b. 1903 - d. BEF 1978)
Yon, Pauline
Yoos, Bette Joanne (b. --Not Shown--)
York, Amos (b. WFT Est. 1698-1735 - d. WFT Est. 1739-1817)
York, Barbara
York, Claude
York, Gerald
York, Jacqueline
York, Lucretia (b. WFT Est. 1739-1761 - d. WFT Est. 1782-1850)
York, Thomas
York, Winifred
Yorke, Abigail (b. WFT Est. 1616-1643 - d. WFT Est. 1665-1733)
Yorke, Amos
Young, (b. WFT Est. 1770-1799 - d. WFT Est. 1824-1884)
Young, (b. WFT Est. 1798-1821 - d. WFT Est. 1843-1909)
Young, Agnes Jean
Young, Albert
Young, Aletha
Young, Alfred
Young, Alma
Young, Arthur Jeffery (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Benjamin B. (d. 1893)
Young, Bertha (b. 3 OCT 1904 - d. 5 OCT 1927)
Young, Beverly Jo
Young, Brian
Young, Brian Richard
Young, Carol Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Celia J.
Young, Charles Elliot (b. 27 SEP 1870 - d. 4 DEC 1948)
Young, Claude (b. 21 AUG 1891)
Young, Conda Mae (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Darrin
Young, David
Young, Dianna Lynn (b. 6 SEP 1955 - d. 6 SEP 1955)
Young, Donald Keith
Young, Dorothy
Young, Earl
Young, Edna
Young, Edwin Price (b. 26 OCT 1893 - d. 26 JAN 1922)
Young, Elizabeth
Young, Elizabeth
Young, Elizabeth Isabel
Young, Elmer Chappel (b. 15 DEC 1901)
Young, Elsie
Young, Elsie Edith
Young, Ervin Oscar (b. PRIVATE)
Young, Esther
Young, Ethel
Young, Evelyn Ruth
Young, Florence
Young, Floyd
Young, Fred W. (b. 13 AUG 1902)
Young, Gaile Edward (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Garland Dean (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Garland Eugene (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Garland Eugene (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, George
Young, Gordon Roy
Young, Gregory Dean (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Harold
Young, Harold
Young, Harold William (b. 9 SEP 1897)
Young, Harriet (b. 1895 - d. 1898)
Young, Herman
Young, Ida Alice
Young, Ina Sarah (b. 15 JUN 1894 - d. 4 NOV 1974)
Young, Ira Hobson (b. 26 JAN 1902 - d. 7 OCT 1964)
Young, Jack
Young, James
Young, James
Young, James B.
Young, James E.
Young, James E.
Young, James Micheal (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, James Thornton
Young, Janet
Young, Janet Louise (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Jeanne Olivia (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Jeri Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Jimmie
Young, Jimmy
Young, John
Young, John
Young, John
Young, John (b. 1816 - d. 1867)
Young, John Gordon
Young, John Morland
Young, John W.
Young, John W.
Young, Joland Marjolein (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Jonah
Young, Joseph B.
Young, Joshua Fredrick Eldon (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Juanita
Young, Karen Lou (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Karla Sue (b. 7 AUG 1954 - d. 19 AUG 1954)
Young, Katherine Jean (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Kathleen Marie
Young, Kelly (b. 8 SEP 1890 - d. 14 MAY 1964)
Young, Kelly Lynn
Young, Lawrence A. (b. 22 JUL 1895 - d. 27 AUG 1971)
Young, Leroy Kelly (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Lillie
Young, Lisa Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Lloyd Laverne
Young, Loren
Young, Lucinda (b. 15 OCT 1821 - d. JUL 1874)
Young, Léona
Young, Marge
Young, Maria Etta
Young, Marjorie Avis (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Martha Ellen (b. 1852 - d. 1947)
Young, Mary (b. 13 JAN 1892 - d. 1986)
Young, Mary Jane
Young, Mary Lynn (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, May Jane
Young, Meagan
Young, Micheal James (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Minnie
Young, Oren
Young, Oscar Lee (b. 26 NOV 1874 - d. 29 DEC 1952)
Young, Paralee Marion (b. 8 MAR 1853 - d. 1899)
Young, Patricia Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Patricia Rae (b. PRIVATE)
Young, Ramona Lanzell (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Raymond Wilbert
Young, Richard Dale (b. 2 APR 1923 - d. 8 FEB 1964)
Young, Robert Gilbert (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Roxa Jane (b. 30 AUG 1893)
Young, Roy L.
Young, Ruby Lillian
Young, Ruth (b. 6 JAN 1900 - d. 16 SEP 1957)
Young, Sarah (b. WFT Est 1823-1843 - d. WFT Est 1844-1927)
Young, Sarah Ann
Young, Sarah Ann
Young, Sarah Ann
Young, Sarah Michele (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Scarlett
Young, Sharon Dale
Young, Sophia Emma
Young, Susan
Young, Susannah (b. 23 FEB 1856 - d. 16 MAR 1920)
Young, Susannah
Young, Ted
Young, Terry Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Thelma Louise (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Velma Lea (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Virginia Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, W.S. (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Wesley (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Wesley Palmer (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Wiley
Young, Wiley Siegel (b. 25 MAY 1862 - d. 21 OCT 1929)
Young, William
Young, William
Young, William Elsworth (b. 18 OCT 1918 - d. 22 JUL 1931)
Young, William Henry (b. 13 JUN 1858 - d. 7 FEB 1940)
Young, Wilma Jeanette (b. --Not Shown--)
Young, Woodsie Laverne (b. --Not Shown--)
Yuhas, John
Yuhas, Szuzana (d. 14 FEB 1937)
Yunsdorf, Minna Emilie (b. 30 JUL 1891 - d. 4 FEB 1987)
Yvon, Charles François Phlem

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