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Ancestry 38909

For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

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Gerardus Maesackers
b. 10 JUN 1824 Oirschot
d. WFT Est 1873-1916
Father: Johannes Maesackers
Mother: Johanna Maria Huiskens
Marriage: 14 MAY 1858 St. Oedenrode
Spouse: Wilhelmina van Genugten
b. 21 MAR 1820 St. Oedenrode
d. 22 JUN 1902 St. Oedenrode
Father: Dirk van Genugten
Mother: Maria van de Rijt
    Maria Maasakkers
    b. 18 JUN 1859 St. Oedenrode
    d. 21 NOV 1926 St. Oedenrode
    Johannes Arnodus Maasakkers
    b. 26 SEP 1860 St. Oedenrode
    d. 7 JAN 1861 St. Oedenrode
    Anna Maesackers
    Johannes Arnoldus Maasakkers
    b. 5 APR 1863 St. Oedenrode
    d. 5 APR 1863 St. Oedenrode
    Hendrikus Johannes Maasakkers
    b. 1 MAR 1864 St. Oedenrode
    d. 1 APR 1865 St. Oedenrode
    Hendrikus Johannes Maasakkers
    b. 9 SEP 1865 St. Oedenrode
    d. 29 DEC 1865 St. Oedenrode
    Petrus Paulus Maasakkers
    Catharina Maasakkers
    b. 9 OCT 1868 St. Oedenrode
    d. 5 JAN 1869 St. Oedenrode
    Theodorus Maasakkers
    b. 8 NOV 1871 St. Oedenrode
    d. 29 APR 1872 St. Oedenrode

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